Ethereum price

Although the extent of Bitcoin price correction is difficult to quantify, in the long run, we belEthereum current blockchain sizeieve that Bitcoin price will continue to rise. In addition, the rise of Bitcoin and gold has similar factors. Not only that, in the competition with other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has already won, and it has also attracted people's attention because it can be used as a store of value asset.

The meeting held that in 2019, the People’s Bank of China will earnestly implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, adhere to the principles of integrity, innovation, safety and control, inclusive of people’s livelihood, and openness and win-win, and make comprehensive efforts and multiple breakthroughs to promote new developments in financial technology work. . Strengthen top-level design and overall guidance, and introduce the "FinTech Development Plan (2019-2021)". Improve the basic rule system of financial technology supervision, and strive to create an inclusive and prudent financial technology innovation supervision tool. Cooperate with the Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology to organize financial technology application pilots and guide financial institutions to use technology to empower finance to improve quality and efficiency. Incorporate financial technology products into the national certification system, and use the implementation of standards as a means to strengthen financial technology safety and quality management. Continuously optimize the mobile payment ecosystem and further improve the service level of payment convenience for private enterprises. Actively promote data governance and accelerate the construction of a digital central bank.

In fact, the blockchain has also been intersecting with the real economy, trying to reduce costs and increase efficiency for business in scenarios such as trade finance, supply chain traceability, payment and settlement, then how should we view the current development of the blockchain industry, the bubble ruins What are the progress and difficulties in the reconstruction of the following order, and how far is it from the turning point of the industrial blockchain era?

As the "first global blockchain mining machine" and the world's second-largest mining machine manufacturer, the listing of Jianan Zhizhi is not a trivial matter in the industry. Especially under the background that Bitmain and Jianan Zhizhi failed in several previous attempts to go public, it is not easy for the CAN stock code to appear on the Nasdaq screen.

In order to make Bitcoin more scalable, Joseph Poon (Joseph Poon) and Thaddeus Dryja (Thaddeus Dryja) created the Lightning Network in 2016. The project improves scalability by creating a second layer on the Bitcoin blockchain and greatly increases transaction speed because transactions do not need to be confirmed by all nodes on the network.

TEAMZ was established in Tokyo, Japan, dedicated to incubating and accelerating blockchain innovation projects, as well as providing blockchain solutions for traditional enterprises. Under the leadership of TEAMZ's multinational team, many projects have been successfully expanded to Asia and the world. TEAMZ owns the largeEthereum current blockchain sizest and most influential blockchain summit brand in Japan, TEAMZ Blockchain Summit; it also owns TEAMZ Strategy, a strategic consulting department, ChainTalk, a blockchain media, and TEAMZCapital, an investment department. TEAMZ’s comprehensive solutions have helped many projects with exponential growth in their internationalization, localization, strategy and financing needs.

Considering the actual size of Facebook and the global currency role played by "Libra", it will be very interesting to see how regulators respond. In addition, the field of smart contracts surrounding "Libra" is also very worthy of attention: Will Facebook allow people to write any contracts they want at will? Will they restrict the platform? Maybe we can find the answer later in 2020.