Ethereum price

Recently, there is a popular view in the market that the computing power will maintain a steady growth on the existing basis. After Bitcoin's block revenue halves in May 2020, if the price is still around $7,200, it is equivalent to The income level of $3,600 before the halving is due to the calculation power in May 2020 that is 2 to 3 times higher than the calcuWhat are the two account types in Ethereum?lation power in early 2019, so a super "mining disaster" will occur.

Ant Financial, the headquarters of Ant Financial in Hangzhou, is valued at RMB 1 trillion, making it the world's most highly valued unicorn. Ant Financial was established in 2014 and its main business is Alipay, which was spun off from Alibaba. In June last year, Ant Financial announced a new round of financing. The total amount of financing was US$14 billion, and the valuation exceeded RMB 1 trillion. In addition to the original shareholders, the Singapore Government Investment Corporation and Temasek have become new investors. Strategic investors.

How to capture value is a question that DeFi aggregators need to think about carefully. Among them, it is worth mentioning that 1inch issues its own tokens. 1inch's token distribution may become a paradigm for aggregator applications in the future. 1Inch's approach is to issue native protocol tokens, guide the establishment of its own liquidity pool through mining incentives, and use tokens for governance purposes.

A person close to the central bank said that since the central bank attaches great importance to the DCEP pilot program, various pilot banks actively participated. In fact, as early as the end of October, some banks held relevant meetings on the legal digital currency pilot work and pilot scenarios to discuss the feasibility of the relevant plans. Each commercial bank has different project names for digital currency pilot projects. In terms of internal promotion, a major department in the bank acts as the project lead department, and other departments provide cooperation.

After BCH has made a breakthrough in the upper track of the triangle structure formed in the past period and has stepped out of a wave of accelerated rise as scheduled, ETH seems to be expected to repeat this rise. At present, ETH has also come to the end of the convergent triangle structure formed in the past half a month. The remaining space in the consolidation interval is very limited. In the short term, the need for a breakthrough in the upper and lower rails of this triangle and a new round of direction selection is imminent, so it is expected In the 4-hour level graph, the next time the price touches this triangle edge trend line, it is likely to have a wave of rapid market breaks. Therefore, the 205-216 area composed of upper and lower rails deserves short-term focus.

One of the most notable actual actions of South Korean regulators was that on May 11, 2018, South Korean police raided UPbit's headquarters, mainly searching computer hard drives and What are the two account types in Ethereum?account books. The reason for the search is that Upbit presents to users a false impression that it owns digital currency and is suspected of deceiving consumers.

Su said that the attacker left a message asking if you really understand flash loans? , And returned 2 million U.S. dollars to show friendship. Su believes that this behavior is to remind everyone that even without lightning loans, the same attack is technically possible-but only those super wealthy whales can do it.

Since crypto hedge funds directly invest in the cryptocurrency market, they have a more direct impact on the market than crypto venture capital funds. According to the crypto hedge fund report jointly issued by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Elwood, the market size of crypto hedge funds has exceeded 2 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2019, and the average asset management scale exceeds 44 million U.S. dollars. The median return on investment of crypto hedge funds in 2019 The number exceeds 30%, and most (about 48%) crypto hedge funds apply quantitative operation strategies for investment management. The types of crypto assets invested are still mainly Bitcoin and Ethereum, accounting for 97% and 67%, respectively. Finally, the main service groups of crypto hedge funds are family offices (48%) and high-net-worth individuals (42%).