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Regarding your own operation, I only want to share one point, and the most important one: BCH will cut production on April 7th, and BTC will cut production on May 6, should you change your BCH to BTC before April 7th? What? Of course, there will be production cuts in many currencies in the future, which may all mean opportunities. But it musEthereum documentationt be reminded that I am just sharing my thoughts and ideas, and maybe I would not do it myself. Xiao Chang said.

The continued institutional demand for Bitcoin is critical to Bitcoin's recent upward trend, as it makes traders cautious about net short Bitcoin. In the past week, Bitcoin prices have faced the risk of sharp corrections several times. Most notably, when the price of Bitcoin drops below $80,000, it may further pull back to the macro support area of ​​$60,000.

Li Guangqian said that in terms of medical and health, blockchain can be used for digital cases, privacy protection, etc. In terms of education, it can be used for file management, student credit, academic certificates, transcripts, etc. In terms of culture, it can be used for copyright and digital content confirmation. In terms of social management, it can be used for identity authentication, notarization, inheritance, personal social credit, etc.

This type of computing power means that mines or miners (some manufacturers and distributors also have their own mines) cut out part of the computing power generated by their own mines and sell them to people in need, which is equivalent to bundling sales of mining machines and operation and maintenance. Buyers earn coins during the contract period and obtain machine ownership after the expiration date. Buyers are generally experienced miners who want to stock up a large amount of computing power and are very familiar with the industry.

Therefore, in the future Pikcle ecosystem, DILL is the most direct measurement token for obtaining protocol revenue. In addition to DILL having the governance power of the Pickle protocol, DILL is also related to the rewards received by users (PICKLE additional issuance rewards) and the profit distribution captured by the protocol. Related. For the additional issuance plan of PICKLE, you can refer to the previous article "The Value Capture of PICKLE" by Blue Fox Notes.

At present, the identity ofEthereum documentation the hackers in the first wave is unknown, but the addresses of the hackers issued in the second wave are marked by the network as the addresses of the GrapFinance developers. After making a profit, the attacker returned the proceeds to the Cover team, destroyed the remaining additional cover, and left a message to the YieldFarming insurance address (the predecessor of the Cover agreement): Next time, take care of your own business.