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Since not all depositors will withdraw money at once, the broad money issued by the bank can be much larger than the bank's own reserves. This is the incomplete reserve system. For example, my country’s banks currently have a base currency of only about 30 trillion yuan, but the broad currency balance is about 200 trillion yuan, which is more than 6 times. The central bank uses regulatory indicators suchHow to buy Ethereum with Bitcoin as the fiat reserve ratio to control this multiple.

To realize electronic cash, the first thing is to be able to determine the ownership of "cash". This kind of identification is easy offline. Whoever holds the money, who owns the money; but there is no physical currency online, this method obviously does not work, so Bitcoin uses a "digital signature" to identify ownership. There are some similarities in the way that Urashima confirms currency ownership.

According to bitinfochart data, starting from 2010, the average time of Bitcoin block production exceeded 13 minutes only in the fourth quarter of 2018. At that time, the price of Bitcoin also experienced a sharp drop. It can be speculated that this phenomenon may be caused by the decline in the currency price. of. Earlier news was that on March 12, when Bitcoin plummeted by nearly 30% for a short period of time, the Bitcoin network had not produced blocks for one hour.

Small mining coins refer to coins that need to be mined by the PoW consensus. They often have a short online time, low market value, low attention, and lack of mainstream exchange support, and poor transaction depth. They often enter the public eye because of extremely alarming increases. Including well-known small currencies like Grin, Beam, and CKB, as well as AXE, IMG, QWC, Sero, etc.

Liu Feng analyzed that the difficulty of financing for small and medium-sized enterprises is actually caused by the incomplete data chain. The platform built by blockchain technology can store the data after and in the event without tampering, and replace it with real-time data. The original peripheral data is modeled to help SMEs obtain financing convenience and accelerate the approval process. Trade finance financing funds can not only enter SMEs, but can also be directly transferred to their supply chain links through the constructed blockchain network The upstream and downstream enterprises accelerate the circulation of the entire supply chain. It also reduces information distortion and capital risks caused by capital flow and information flow in the circulation.

At the same time, as a key institution for holding and transferring funds under the supervision of our federal regulatory agencies, banks have basically not participated in the holding, transfer or issuance of digital currencies. The US Federal Banking Regulatory Agency has not explicitly stated that banks can participate in these activities. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) tried to formulate a special purpose license, the so-called fintech license-presumably to include some of these activities under the supervision of the OCC, but it has been mired in lawsuits for signing these special purpose licenses with US states , These states want to approve these activitiesHow to buy Ethereum with Bitcoin in accordance with local laws.

Wu Xiao, the founder of Pure White Matrix, and a master's degree in computer science from the University of Alberta, his thesis "Cross-Chain and Cross-Game Character Formula Framework" was included in the exhibition and inclusion link by the high-end computer network academic conference INFOCOM2019. Wu Xiao is a genius born in the 90s. He taught himself programming at the age of nine and wrote four or five mini games for the company that developed Wenquxing. He founded Nanjing Pure White Matrix Technology Co., Ltd., which is a startup company focusing on blockchain game research and development and creative blockchain framework design.

Old Chen is not only a senior miner, but also managed mines for others. At the time of the scenery, he was responsible for the start-up and operation and maintenance of the entire mine. With a 50-person operation and maintenance team, he managed nearly 40,000 mining machines and produced more than 6,000 bitcoins in total. From mine construction, technical procurement, operation and maintenance personnel training, maintaining stable computing power, discussing cooperation with mining pools, to the appreciation of revenue coins, Lao Chen knows the whole process well.