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Xiao Wei: In recent years, Baidu has been deeply involved in the underlying technology, and has launched various solutions such as judicial, medical, copyright, and smart cities, actively promoting the integration of blockchain and industry, and is in a leading position in the new blockchain track. Among them, XuperChain has more than 160 patents, and they are all based on core and key underlying technologies. For example, the XuperModel model divides the execution of the smart contract into the pre-execution phase and the submission phase, and uses a mechanism similar to MVCC to avoid overall locking, so that the read set reference of the transaction does not need to be boundEthereum prediction 2017 to the block height, and the output of unconfirmed transactions can also be used. Being quoted further improves the overall throughput of performance. After the evaluation of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the single chain reached 70,000 TPS, and the overall network reached 200,000 TPS, leading the industry.

With the increase in global economic uncertainty caused by the epidemic, a large amount of funds have begun to flow into safer places, that is, to safe-haven assets. OKExResearch chief researcher William said: At least for now, Bitcoin is still a highly volatile risk asset, with the highest volatility in the world.

The consultation results show that the applicability of these tokens in the financing of enterprises and projects has been questioned to a certain extent. But tokens are also considered to have high potential in the next five years. The establishment of a binding legislative framework to protect investors is regarded as a prerequisite for the positive development of tokens. It is worth noting that this framework should also establish legal guarantees to meet the need to clearly prove the legal meaning of a specific token design.

The fourth chapter introduces the capital market-diversified investment 1% share limit, and introduces how to decompose large companies and giants through mechanism design, thereby inhibiting the occurrence of monopoly. Large-scale funds actually control multiple companies in the same industry may lead to collusion among companies. If funds diversify their investments in the same industry, their holdings must not exceed 1%. Funds are still allowed to hold a large number of shares in only one company in a certain industry, or to diversify investments across industries.

At present, the formulation of accounting standards at home and abroad has lagged behind the vigorous development of digital currencies. Major international accounting standard-setting institutions such as the International Accounting Standards Board and the American Financial Reporting Standards Board (FASB) currently only provide principled guidelines. The specific requirements of the digital currency accounting treatment rules have caused various accounting entities to have greater subjective judgments when performing digital currency accounting confirmation, measurement, presentation and disclosure, leaving room for rent-seeking potential accounting manipulation. Therefore, it is recommended to speed up the construction of digital currency accounting basic standards, clarify the core rules of digital currency accounting confirmation and accounting measurement, scientifically and rationally add corresponding accounting subjects, and regulate the accounting treatment of changes in the digital currency income held by investment, so as to effectively solve the problem. Private digital currencies are affected by price volatility and accounting time lag. Improve the transparency and comparability of accounting processing and information disclosure

6 When adopting these tracking tools, platform operators should bear in mind that they have the primary responsibility in fulfilling their obligations in combating money laundering and terrorist financing. They should also be aware that the search scope of backtracking tools is limited, and their effectiveness may vary depending on their specificEthereum prediction 2017 purpose Anonymity enhancement technologies or mechanisms (including hybrid services and privacy coins) designed to disrupt transaction records are weakened.

VeChain is one of the few public chains that continues to conduct business cooperation with traditional large companies. Kevin believes that choosing to cooperate with large companies is to make it easier to verify the value and feasibility of this solution to others, and once large companies discover the benefits of blockchain, they will be more willing to mobilize internal resources to promote project expansion. Of course, in addition to cooperating with well-known large companies, VeChain also has many cases of docking with SMEs.

In the future, where is the way out for non-bank financial institutions under the digital platform? I think the most reasonable and promising model is the organic combination of digital platforms and various financial institutions to form a digital financial system. Various institutions are doing their best and exhibiting their strengths. The digital platform connects upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, masters real transaction information, and can cooperate with various financial institutions to provide financing, trade, asset transactions and other financial services for thousands of raw material, processing, and distribution companies in the supply chain. In this process, as long as the digital platform controls the source of funds and leverage ratio, risks can be greatly reduced, reasonable profits can be obtained, and the function of inclusive finance can be effectively used.

Just buy Bitcoin, the result is so obvious. If you are an individual investor, you don't need to go to great lengths to convince the company's board of directors that this is a good idea, and then go through the compliance process. What you have to do now is to get ahead of institutional investors and participate in Bitcoin's asymmetric betting. What are you waiting for?