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If the total abovegroundWhich version of Ethereum will have a proof-of-stake algorithm. stocks of gold are 190,000 tons, and the production of new gold is 3260 tons per year (that is, the annual inflation rate is 7%), it will take 58 years to restore the existing reserves. When the new annual supply of Bitcoin reaches 7% after the next halving, the stock of Bitcoin will also reach about 58. Gold stocks will be higher than any other metal commodities, and Bitcoin will soon follow.

Beijing News Shell Finance and Economics (Reporter Cheng Weimiao) The digital economy accounts for an increasing share of the economies of all countries, and digital currency has become an important issue. In terms of digital currency research and development, we are at the forefront of the world. There is a significant difference in the definition of the central bank digital currency released by the Group of Seven (G7) and the Bank for International Settlements. According to news from the official official account of the Boao Forum for Asia on October 28, at the second Budapest Eurasian Forum hosted by the Hungarian Central Bank on October 27, Zhou Xiaochuan, chairman of the Boao Forum for Asia, said.

It should also be noted that the latest scientific and technological achievements, including the blockchain, will inevitably have problems of immaturity and irregularity in the early stages of application. This requires us to further strengthen the basic theory and standard system research of blockchain and other technologies, formulate special regulations, and provide guidance for the application and development of new technologies. Improving laws and regulations related to electronic data will help to better clarify the boundaries of open sharing, clarify data generation, use, circulation, storage and other links and the rights and obligations of subjects, and achieve a balance between data openness, privacy protection and data security , Thereby promoting the deep integration of technology and social governance.

The report released by BlockVC Strategy Research also mentioned that the market started earlier than expected, and the pace is likely to be relatively slow. Bitcoin is currently in a good upward trend. For Bitcoin, the halving market has just The warm-up is far from reaching a climax. The overall pace in February is still a slow-hot expansion period, and Bitcoin will continue to maintain a tortuous upward trend of rising bottom.

After analyzing more than 106 cases of volatility events (the price of Bitcoin changed more than $100 in 5 minutes) from April to December last year, we found that in most cases, the more trustworthy exchange is the price change The first platform that occurred, and subsequent fluctuations will affect other trading platforms.

It is worth mentioning that Ebon International submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at the end of last year. The information shows that two A-share listed companies purchased 700 million yuan of mining machines last year, namely Zhongying Internet and a company with an undisclosed name. Xinjiang company. Two major customers contributed 700 million yuan in payment for Yibang. Among them, the unnamed Xinjiang company purchased a total of 400 million yuan of mining machines, and Zhongying Internet purchased 600 million yuan of mining machines. These two payments accounted for about 34% of Yibang International'Which version of Ethereum will have a proof-of-stake algorithm.s total revenue last year.

Now, there are two dilemmas encountered in payment digitization: First, large-scale digital payments are private digital payments, which open up private digital payment scenarios, which are closed to public scenarios: corporate institutions and government departments do not have digital payment methods With the function, only limited use of personal digital payment ports in terms of personal payment, realizes the digitization of personal collections; corporate capital transactions, and even government capital flows, etc., are based on bank payments; secondly, Private digital payment platforms are not connected, or even separated from each other, and the private scene is actually split. This means that payment digitization cannot be automatically upgraded to currency digitization. It requires the central bank to take fundamental steps-issuing digital legal currency to overcome the plight of private digital payments and enable all sectors of the entire economic system to fully realize payment digitization. Through the payment scenarios, and to promote a series of related major currency changes.

The consultation process of this report shows that blockchain technology includes the potential for further development of digital identity. Private market players believe that they use blockchain technology to provide digital identity. At the same time, the functionalization of digital identity includes the prerequisites for blockchain applications. However, the consultation process also clarified that the government is considered the central administrator or regulator of personal digital identity. It is necessary to check the rationality of the blockchain-based process, including birthday registration, marriage and death; registered citizen's residence, ID card; and foreigner management affairs.