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Each physical product released by MetaFactory is associated with a unique NFT, and a silicon chip is embedded in the product. The chip can track the product's order number and related metadata, and correspond to a wearable digital version. MetaFactory's self-published origiEthereum toll freenal product double-sided bomber jacket, with an NFT called "ChargedParticles", with which you can obtain a digital version of the same clothes shown in Cryptovoxels.

Under the epidemic situation, the mining industry, as the only physical industry in the blockchain, has been greatly affected. Delayed resumption of work, suspension of production, and suspension of sales have brought a series of chain reactions in the industry chain. Huaqiangbei has all closed down, sales or waiting for business or doing Wechat merchants and distributors may resell computing power or anchor overseas markets. Only the mines and small miners who completed their heavy warehouses a year ago are relatively happy, but they are mixed with the uncertain factor of the rise and fall of currency prices brought about by the halving. They also have their own thoughts, but each has its own difficulties.

Then in February, the Bank of Japan announced the hosting of a CBDC theme forum to discuss the future of the central bank's digital currency and settlement system. Immediately afterwards, Norihiro Nakayama, a member of the Japanese ruling party and deputy foreign minister, announced the release of a proposal aimed at paving the way for the issuance of digital currencies in Japan, and hoped that the Federal Reserve will cooperate with six other central banks, including the Bank of Japan, to study digital currencies, and expressed hope Cooperate with the United States to compete with the central bank digital currency.

Bitcoin dropped significantly during the day. While it fell below the $10,000 round mark again, it also broke through the two rounds of 9900 and 9800 after midday. The Coinbase market showed that Bitcoin dropped to $9,736 at the lowest point in the day. , Which fell 35% from yesterday's intraday high. There are concentrated voices in the market that the rebound momentum of Bitcoin has come to an end. So, has this wave of Bitcoin's rise really come to an end?

As the largest economy in Africa, Nigeria, with a population of more than 200 million, has seen a significant increase in peer-to-peer Bitcoin transaction volume. According to data from Bitcoin research agency Cointelegraph, the country’s Bitcoin transaction volume has been second only to the United States as of mid-December 2020. Ranked second in the world, a major factor is the continued devaluation of Nigeria’s paper currency. Only in July this year, the Central Bank of Nigeria announced a one-time devaluation of the official exchange rate of the country’s currency, the naira, by 5%, from 1 U.S. dollar to 360 naira. Pull adjusted to 1 U.S. dollar to 381 naira.

Not only trading users, gas fees continue to rise, and to a certain extent, the continuous loss of game Dapp users on Ethereum. According to Dappradar statistics, the star game project AxieInfinity, which once had upEthereum toll free to 2500 active independent wallets, has lost 67% of its users in the past 24 hours. The current users are only 239.

The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) premium peaked at 41% on December 21, but has since been adjusted to a 90-day average of 19%. It is worth noting that only qualified institutional clients can directly purchase shares from Grayscale. The rest of the traders need to buy on the secondary market, which is the reason for the price distortion.

2019 is about to pass. The biggest Internet controversy in this year can be said to be the digital currency Libra planned by Facebook. Facebook is preparing to make Libra a free currency that is free from the global government regulatory system, allowing netizens to realize free payment and transfer, but Libra Coin has encountered criticism and doubts from regulatory authorities.

According to the latest statistics of the Bloomberg Wealth List, the 500 richest people in the world lost a total of US$139 billion in wealth in this plunge. Among them, the global luxury giant Louis Vuitton Chairman Bernard Arnault (Bernard Arnault) and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos), which are tied for No. 1 on the Bloomberg Wealth List, lost 4.8 billion US dollars, ranking second. Spain Spanish clothing company Inditex founder Amancio Ortega (Amancio Ortega) lost 4 billion US dollars.