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For the Bitcoin industry chain, mid-March is the darkest period in recent years when the belief is facing collapse. In the process of the global capital mEthereum tokenarket turbulence, the myth of Bitcoin's safe-haven assets has also failed. It plummeted from nearly $8,000 on March 12 to the line of $4,000, and then fluctuated between $4,000 and $6,000. It was not until March 20 that the price of Bitcoin struggled back to above $6,000, and was locked at $6,200 at press time.

On December 6, someone posted a screenshot of the encrypted asset market on Weibo. In addition to the two major "hard currencies" of BTC and ETH, there were also KP3R, CRV, HEGIC, COVER and SUSHI. The blogger wrote that at a glance, AC coins have risen the most, "Really, DeFi has become popular again."

Solving the trust problem has therefore become the core competitiveness of blockchain technology. Its energy lies in the establishment of a decentralized, open and transparent trust system with technological guarantees, so that the digital world is as real as the physical world. In the final analysis, the blockchain is a paradigm for establishing credit without trust accumulation. Any individual who does not understand each other can reach a credit consensus through a certain contract mechanism and no longer need an intermediary. Li Guangqian, a researcher at the Development Research Center of the State Council, said in an exclusive interview with the Economic Daily.

According to the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue (2019 Edition)" released on November 6 by "Deep Net", in the first consultation draft, the virtual currency mining in the phased-out industry has been deleted. According to regulations, the eliminated category is mainly outdated technology, technology, equipment and products that do not comply with relevant laws and regulations, do not have the conditions for safe production, seriously waste resources, pollute the environment, and need to be eliminated.

After Bitcoin reaches a record high, mainstream interest in Bitcoin will rise for two main reasons. First, many retail investors bought Bitcoin for nearly $20,000 in 2017 and lost a lot of capital. Therefore, for many investors, historical highs are still an obstacle. Secondly, there is no upper limit in the history of Bitcoin above $20,000, so the price discovery period may begin.

1inchExchange provides powerful options for users to choose. In addition to the common AMM mode, users can also create limit orders. On the transaction path, users can choose between the maximum profit or the lowest gas fee, depending on factors suchEthereum token as the user's transaction volume, to measure which of the two transaction methods is more cost-effective.

From the history of currency development, currency has two revolutionary changes, namely physical currency and modern credit currency. The characteristic of physical currency is that it has its own intrinsic value, and uses its own value to measure the value of commodities, acting as a medium of commodity exchange. The modern credit currency system is closely connected with the state and modern economic and social organization. The standard currency issued by the state is supported by national credit, and behind it is the wealth of the entire society and the commodities traded. The state issues a standard currency according to the needs of the production and transaction of commodities in the whole society, guarantees the circulation of the standard currency by law, and maintains the stability of the value of the standard currency through the central adjustment mechanism, thereby maintaining the normal operation of the modern credit currency system. It is not difficult to see that the currency field is most in need of centralization, and the blockchain is precisely decentralized.

A technical person from a large technology company told the Caijing reporter that cloud technology is indispensable for the central bank to develop digital currencies. The current impact of Huawei Cloud cannot be underestimated; the second technical pillar is 5G, which is Huawei’s core technical advantage. , Digital currency application scenarios involve a large number of edge computing, terminal use, mobile wallets, etc.