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In fact, both happened in Ethereum. But there are more subtle reasons. First of all, multiple client applications in parallel reduce the dominant influence of a single core development team on the network. This is one of the biggest problems of Bitcoin governance (Zcash Fund will also decide to build a second Zcash client to balance ElectricCoin's that power). Moreover, different clients may make diEthereum analysisfferent architectural decisions and have different advantages (for example, mining, data search), and writing clients in different languages ​​can enable more developers to participate in core development. Although parallel applications, Beta applications, etc. are very good, the mainstream is the mainnet client: For example, Bitcoin has at least 15 client applications, but 97% of the nodes run a program, namely Bitcoin Core.

Relying on supercomputer chips to complete the accumulation of funds and technology, helping enterprises occupy the leading position in the industry, and developing core hardware of artificial intelligence at the same time, this is the layout roadmap of Jianan Zhizhi. Public data shows that in 2015, Jianan Zhizhi had a net profit of 2.24 million for the whole year, and the net profit for the whole year of 2017 reached 300 million. The net profit increased by 125 times in two years. From the beginning of the manufacture of Bitcoin mining machines to the development of chips in the field of blockchain and artificial intelligence, this small workshop founded by several technical houses has now become an internationally renowned chip company.

Once countries successfully issue their own national digital currencies, this will have a considerable potential threat and impact on the U.S. dollar, which has maintained its dominance in international trade for many years, especially for countries whose international status and international influence are constantly improving, such as , Its central bank digital currency, DCEP, is even more active and ready to come out. Therefore, the United States has to worry about the possibility of blocking its dominant position and consider issuing its own country's digital currency.

In response to the upcoming technological revolution, TEAMZ will hold a blockchain summit in 2020 at the Happoen Hotel in Shirokandai, Minato-ku, Tokyo. And this year, we will take the technological revolution leading the new technological era as the theme, and discuss with many parties how we can play a role in this process and make outstanding contributions to the rapid growth of the blockchain industry.

In the short term, Libra is a new cross-border payment method. In the medium and long term, it is the rise of an international currency, which will cause a series of impacts on the existing financial ecology and sovereign currencies of various countries. Therefore, governments in various countries have stepped up their research on policies for Libra, while accelerating their research on launching their own digital currencies to enhance the competitiveness of sovereign currencies.

The author has noticed that the provisions on the standardization of commercial cryptography in the "Encryption Law" are in line with the "Standardization Law" revised and implemented in January 2018, and conform to the spirit and requirements of the law. At present, national standards are underEthereum analysis the centralized management of the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee, and industry standards are formulated by the Cryptographic Industry Standardization Technical Committee. According to statistics, as of June 2018, my country has issued 16 national cryptographic standards and 68 industry standards.

A blockchain wallet project called BEEBANKAPP claims to be the only decentralized, full-currency wallet in the entire network. Investors can make money lying down! According to its rules, the development of 10 people into a group, the predicted monthly income will reach 30,000 to 100,000 yuan; if it is developed to the fifth level, the predicted monthly income will reach 2 to 7 million yuan.