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In the early stages of the three major institutes, their main sites could accept US customers' registration, useBitcoin or Ethereum and transactions. However, with the introduction of stricter policies by the U.S. regulatory authorities, the three major institutes have also announced that they will stop serving American customers since the beginning of the 18th. , And instead provide services through independent compliant exchanges, such as HBUS, Binance.US, OKCoin International Station.

Some analysts once believed that the Bitcoin reward halving would cause miners to leave the market, because the decline in mining rewards would make mining unprofitable and trigger a death spiral in which the hash rate dropped. However, the possibility of this happening is very low, because in this highly competitive industry, compared to the extreme situation of the death spiral, the more likely result of the reward halving is those small mines with lower profit margins. Merchant was annexed by big miners.

BSI is using its expertise to support the secure development and operation of blockchain technology. In terms of basic security, it has been pointed out in the aforementioned "Building a Blockchain Safely: Concept, Requirements and Evaluation" document that the developer and potential users have laid a good foundation to enable them to fully evaluate the blockchain solution The opportunities and risks brought, and the information security (ie, design security) is considered from the beginning. The federal government will consider adopting these recommendations when implementing its measures. With the development of blockchain technology, BSI will continue to update its analysis.

In the consultation process of this project, a large number of blockchain technologies that can be applied to public management were mentioned. Everyone focuses on the potential efficiency improvement brought by the simplified data exchange between the horizontal and vertical management levels, the reduction of data duplication, and lower transaction costs. At the same time, there are expectations for transparency, participation, and traceability of the public management process.

Du Wan analyzed that after BTC reached the Huobi spot price of US$10,500 on February 13, it fluctuated and fell. On March 1, it hit US$8418. Then it rebounded and reached 9187 USD on March 7. From March 7th to March 9th, BTC collapsed rapidly, from 9187 USD to 7676 USD. This wave of decline gave up most of the Mavericks' previous gains and trapped many retail investors who chased cars in a halved bull market. Halving three silly ETC, BCH and BSV all fell more than 50% from this year's high. The three silly calves come and go in a hurry.

Affected by this, spot gold jumped 4% at the opening, and gapped higher than $20. Then it expanded its gains to nearly 3% and broke the $1,570 mark. However, it dropped sharply after a few minutes, giving up all gains. Spot silver rose 44% and once returned to the $15 mark, but it failed to stand firm. The oil market continued the decline of the previous week, with WTI crude oil expanding to 10%, falling below $30/barrel. NotBitcoin or Ethereume:

The Beijing News reporter also noticed that on November 23, the cryptocurrency exchange QBTC issued an announcement stating that the main body of QBTC and all its businesses will be relocated to Ukraine. In the near future, it will gradually shut down services for mainland and regional users, including registration, trading, KYC and OTC etc. The announcement also stated that the exchange temporarily closed currency trading services at 21:10 on November 23.

Regarding the transfer of digital currency, there are differences between the first and third layers. The first layer mainly involves the adjustment and transfer of digital currencies between commercial banks, and the main characteristics are large amounts and low frequencies; the third layer mainly involves the transfer of digital currencies between individuals and institutions, and the main characteristics are small amounts and high frequencies. Therefore, in the above two levels of currency transfer, different requirements are put forward on the central bank's digital currency system.

TVB used to use an exchange that called the currency to rise. Before it ran off last year, it saw a large number of BTC sell orders in the transaction. The price of the order was very high and the amount of BTC was very large. On the surface, this exchange is still very rich, with a lot of BTC. However, in fact, the exchange does not need to have coins at all, just add a few data to the accounts.