Ethereum price

In the first stage, 64 separate fragment chains will be introduced (the previous plan was 1024). In the first stage, the fragment chains will only contain simple data sets (without smart contracts aEthereum supply chartnd transaction execution). Like phase 0, the beacon chain will continue to run in parallel with eth1. X throughout the whole phase. Don't expect the first phase to arrive before 2021.

Capital-as-a-service, well, it used to be based on something else. So this topic is very sensitive to me. I have always believed that prejudice exists. I'm also a little bit convinced that I've overcome it. Maybe I'm clearer or more candid, smarter, faster, better than my white counterparts, so I'm always a little bit better, but

More than 77.7% of the current eth suppliers hold eth. About 86.6 million eth (77.7% of current total supply) are held by non trading wallets (holding more than 32 ETH). Another 18.7 million eth is managed by the exchange. This is a strong attractive target market to serve. In order to maximize network participation, the main goal of incentive mechanism should be to turn these wallets into active verifiers.

The technology composability in defi is actually more about the human composability of the community, which is why things happen faster in difi, and it's hard to keep up with what's going on in the industry. In the field of defi, there is always a willingness to innovate, and oldfi lags behind because there are not so many people in the community who are constantly trying to improve.

The security level of the system is directly proportional to the safety investment, so how to measure it is a particularly important issue and also the basis for building trust. In particular, the simpler and more intuitive the way to verify the safety investment, the better. Under the premise that the safety cost investment is simple and verifiable, we can change the judgment of the safety degree into the judgment of the safety investment level. From this point of view, energy input is the simplest, direct, pure and easiest way to measure. Verifying POW energy input can be as simple as a hash function verification with almost no cost.

As a matter of fact, I haven't taken the initiative to balance. IEthereum supply chart've got distribution from other people, so when I get more, frankly, it's gray scale because I don't want to deal with it myself. I'd rather take shares in ETF because it's easier for me to manage. So I don't want to touch bitcoin,

When a company's shares are sold at a conservative intrinsic value discount, buyback is wise for the company But don't forget: price is the most important factor in buy back decisions. When the purchase is higher than the intrinsic value, the value will be destroyed. " [2]

The worst nightmare scenario is a spawncampatack. Basically, you need to get enough hardware to attack a chain, wait for it to recover, and then attack again, because you still have that hardware. Finally, the community will be fed up with this torture, they will change the proof of work (POW) algorithm, because they can not build ASIC in a short time, so you only need to rent a large number of CPU and GPU computing power to continue the attack, and then the chain will die, unless they switch to proof of rights (POS) or completely centralized things.