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From the month on month, PPI rose sliEthereum logo iconEthereum logo iconghtly to flat.

We will implement the plan for delisting system reform and the requirements of the opinions, strictly supervise delisting, improve delisting standards, and simplify delisting procedures.

On November 9, the national oil and gas pipeline network group (national pipeline network) dispatching control center (Beijing) was offiEthereum logo iconEthereum logo iconcially opened to provide operation guarantee for the first winter supply guarantee test after the establishment of national pipeline network.

Since its establishment, Kaifeng investment's annualized rate of return has not exceeded 15%, and Yongan Guofu's annualized rate of return has been maintained at around 10%.

Two increases: first, the vitality of market entities has Ethereum logo iconEthereum logo iconbeen enhanced.

The continuous increase of foreign investment in China's bonds shows that the attraction of China's bond market has increased.