kerala 3 number lottery result today

kerala 3 number lottery result today

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Shops in Ireland that sell winning tickets do get a bonus. All retailers that sell winning tickets receive a €10,000 (£8,900 approx) prize. The draw on the 1st October had two winners, so each outlet received €5,000 (£4,450 approx). The lucky Irish shop is celebrating thanks to the welcome bonus. Centra manangement treated all of their employees to a night out the weekend following the big win. The other ticket was sold at a shop in Killorglin, County Kerry. The owner there said that it was a first jackpot win for his shop having taken over the store in April 2015. It’s been a great promotional tool, and the €5,000 is certainly welcome too.

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Really awesome! The Indian Sao Nian can use his shoulder blades to pull two cars. The 18-year-old Indian Abhishek Choubey won the fame and nickname "Steel Blade" in his hometown because of his incredible power. He has a unique skill. He puts a piece of wood behind his back and lets the shoulder blades clamp the wood with the back of his arm. A rope is tied to the other end of the wood. Two cars are tied to the rope. He can actually pull the two cars with his shoulder blades. Really awesome! Abhishek claims that he is the only person who can complete the kerala 3 number lottery result todaychallenge with his shoulder blades, and he wants to set a world record. Abhishek discovered since he was eight years old that he can clamp things with his shoulder blades. My dad was very happy with my stunt and designed a special hook for me as a gift. He said: "I realize that many people can use their ears or even hair to pull heavy cars, but I am the only one who can use my shoulder blades to pull two cars at once. "Abhishek hopes to set the Guinness World Record and get a certificate. The picture shows his relatives training him.

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